the time project
Beatrice Greene
2013 Rainbow Performance Video
2012 Performance Video at Jamaica Plain Library


Artist Statement

I consider myself a culture bearer, an intergenerational connector. Understanding our history strengthens a sense of who we are and also common threads in our respective histories. History, transmitted through poetry and music provides a vehicle for building a world. I hope my work helps to move us from hatred and misunderstanding to community.

Music and poetry also convey my personal story which may free or empower others to tell their stories; and understand the stories of others. By bringing together diverse audiences in open mikes for instance, I can introduce people to each other dispelling in small degree stereotyping mindsets. There is also occasion for the laughter and joy recognizing our common threads.

When my work is going well I am living my purpose. I am honoring the gifts I have been given and all those past and present who have helped me along life’s path. It is a fascinating unfolding that the difficulties both personal and historic can have such salutary effect.

The power of music and its energy continue to surprise and amaze me. When my work goes well it is like the song ‘It’s Almost Like Being In Love.’(songwriters Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II)

Even when it does not go as planned there can still be nuggets that reach audience members. That feedback is important to learn, to grow. The adventure continues.