The Time Project



The artists of The Time Project support one another by providing and protecting space in which to work experimentally and deeply. Each of us is committed to regularly create work that pushes us beyond our usual area of comfort and experience. We meet monthly to share our art explorations and offer ideas, insights, and reactions to each other's work. The Time Project began in the fall of 2009. We include artists who work in a variety of media including printmaking, paint, sculpture, fiber arts, mixed media, clay, beading, poetry, book arts, and music. Many of us work in several media.

Participating artists are listed to the right. Click on an artist's name to link to her work and artist statement.



Gail Bos

Kay Dolezal

Tamar Etingen

Sandie Fenton

Ruth Ginsberg-Place

Beatrice Greene

Plum Kennard

Joan Schwartz

Marnie Sinclair

Rachel Wood