the time project
Kay Dolezal
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material and tools front cover library book open detail of library book
2013 In 2013 I set out to make small books in great numbers using gridded paper I had on hand. By small I mean 1” or 2” square. Most of these accordion or bound books will be part of an installation with the theme being “libraries” and their future. This project will be continued 2014.
two inch bound book one inch bound book one inch accordian book books with drawings

This year I began making books in earnest. I spent the time practicing various types of binding. I experimented with combining my poetry with images into a book and with possibilities for making editions as opposed to one of a kind. This continued my interest in using the computer in addition to handwork.

read me cover yard work cover read me inside abecedary cover
2011 This year I spent using my new digital camera and found in my house a mysterious landscape through the curtains in its rooms. These four are only a small sample of the many scenes I discovered.
curtain #1 curtain #2 curtain #3 curtain #4
2010 My first year goal was to write a haiku every week and to combine it with images I created using the computer to modify photos and/or scanned materials. It was great fun to use my new digital camera and rediscover fabric I had made. Also I created broadsides.
haiga 1 haiga2 haiga 3 haiga 4