the time project
Sandie Fenton
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This past year I focused on Growth and Connection. These pieces tended to be abstract and I often wonder where they came from. Perhaps they were inspired by the birth of another granddaughter, the awareness of new growth pushing through the earth when spring arrived this year after a hard winter, and the sense of getting older and asking "If not now, when?"


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For several years I have been working on a memoir with a small writing group. Because I moved so often as a child, so many of my memories, and time itself, are tied to place. I decided create pieces that focused on place and grew out of the remembered experiences I was writing about. Some of the pieces are about the California high desert, others about the Florida coastline, and still others about the small motel my parents owned in the late fifties when I was a small child, and my grandmother's sewing room in southern California. The pieces that emerged were sometimes abstract and sometimes not. Each was accompanied by an excerpt from the memoir.
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This year, I decided to focus on Fragility and Strength, an idea that grew out of some of the delicate constructions the previous year. These pieces were abstract and involved balance and delicate elements that found strength in being bound and tied together.
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I wanted to explore the connection between writing and art and focused on creating constructions that would embody letters, sometimes written to those who are no longer here, and sometimes to a new granddaughter. The letters were sometimes hidden inside paper construction I called "envelopes," and were wrapped around twigs. Sometimes they were cut into small prayer flags and attached to wire and thin sticks. I liked the idea of layering handmade papers and collecting, painting, and tying twigs and sticks together to create a form that literally and metaphorically supported the writing.

Artist Statement

For over thirty years I had been creating art objects to sell at galleries, and shows of all sorts. At times I had employed several other artists in this endeavor, so I was so grateful in 2009 when eleven other artists chose to join me in creating The Time Project. Our purpose then and now is to support each other in working experimentally and deeper around the concept of time, without necessarily selling or showing the work. We committed ourselves to creating one piece of art a week the first year, and one piece of art a month since. We meet once a month to share our work and our creative process. The work that has emerged is challenging, often surprising, and always inspiring. Each artist picks a specific focus each year. Over the past five years I have explored connections between three dimensional forms and the written word, the relationship between fragility and strength, the significance of place, and the intersections of growth and connection. I've been exploring these ideas via constructions created out of sticks, twigs, dowels, paper, paint, oil sticks, bits of metal, miniature chairs, dirt, sand, and bones.


Sandie Fenton is a Boston-based artist who grew up in the California desert and on the Florida coastline. As a child, she traveled back and forth across the country many times. She has early memories of underground caverns in New Mexico, a petrified forest in Arizona, Seminole Indian villages in Florida, fireflies at night outside her grandfather's house in Dallas, and the trails of smoke left by the endless rocket launches at Cape Kennedy.

Travels to Mexico and Europe brought her into contact with other folk art traditions as well as contemporary ceramics, fiber, metalwork, painting, and sculpture. This mix of early experiences led to a lifelong interest in the complex connections between time, place, contemporary culture, ritual, ceremony, and storytelling - interests that motivate much of her work today.

Ms. Fenton holds a Bachelor's degree in Literature, a Master's degree in Early Childhood Development, and has studied with a variety of artists over many years. Her work is included in private and corporate collections and has been exhibited in over eighty galleries throughout the United States, England, Norway, and Japan.

In 2009, she brought together twelve established artists, all women between the ages of 52 and 78, to create The Time Project. The purpose of the project was, and is, to provide and protect space for each artist to consistently work experimentally and deeper. The project's intention is to bring together a community of artists, working in different media, to explore the meaning of time and to share their insights, perceptions, and process, with each other once a month. For these artists, a key question is,"What does it mean to be an artist, in our time?"

Solo and Group Shows include: The Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, Ma The Artful hand, Boston, Ma The Gifted Hand, Wellesley, Ma The Pebble Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, Ma The Elements Gallery, NYC The Carlyn Gallery, NYC The Jackie Chalkley Gallery, Washington D.C. Mindscape Gallery, Evanston, Illinois The Vesperman Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia Gallery 500, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania Walker Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana Recent Commissions: 2013 - Children's Hospital, Waltham, Ma - Curated by Betty Bothereau, L'attitude Gallery, Boston, Ma 2014 - Children's Hospital, Boston Ma. - Curated by Betty Bothereau, L'attitude Gallery, Boston, Ma